Trio nets 4 goals each for Yellow Jackets

MARQUETTE – Five players each scored four goals in the Under-12 coed division of the Superiorland Soccer Association on June 26.

Three of those players – Gaetano Cammarata, Jaden Wrobel and Tanner Cain – came from the Yellow Jackets, who outscored the Wolves 18-3. Teammate Ethan Sellers added three goals, Lucas Guertin two and Audrina Starnes one. The Wolves got scores from George Manson, Trevor Lewis and Robert Apple.

Jack Mattias had four first-half goals in the Annoying Oranges 6-4 win over the Shadow Wolves, while Nathan Ostlund put in the other two. The Shadow Wolves got all four of their goals from Isaac Cooper.

The game between the Giant Cabbages and the Stones was called because of a thunderstorm with the Giant Cabbages leading 2-0 on goals from Karsten Kamps.

U-8 coed

Here are scorers reported from games played June 24:

Lime Green Ninjas: Easton Miller, Dallas Cobe, Hunter Brugman, Issac Johnson and Caleb Janofski

Golden Goal Kickers: Brennah Dawson and Seth Kilgren

Blue Dragons: David Carlson, Preston Peterson, Kainoa Lacar and Mike Bouche

Banana Splits: Ellie Sundberg, Kaitlyn Williams and Heidi Meglathery

Red Rockets: Ethan Sandstrom, Tysen Benz and Hunter Sandstrom

Blue Bulls: Isaac Sarles, Michael Reilly, Rylan Ragusett, Jack Quinnell and Brett LaBelle

Scorers for games reported from June 26:

Red Hot Machines: Kenneth Crum and Izabella Bell

Screamin’ Blue Neptunes: Finnegan Seacrest and Alex Becker

Green Ninjas: Drew Dellies

Grey Thunder: Eli Lusk and Justin Jurmu

U-8 girls

Here are scorers for the week of June 22:

Blue Explosion: Hannah Mason

Pink Panthers: Addie Ollila

Dandelions: Kaylen Wallner and Rachel Niskanen

Wild Blueberries: Romy Kus and Natalie Deneau

Pink Lemonade: Ashley Beck, Stella Brunet and Allie Johnson

Mean Green Machines: Madison Parsley

Lions: Regina Olson, Alexis Adams and Kyley Elmblad

Blue Candy: Keylee Ogle and Delana Sprowl

Pumas: Amelia Bouws, Quinn Arntsen, Olivia Bohl and Leah Gobert

U-6 girls

Here are goal scorers from games of June 25:

Orange Fireballs: Anny Hennings, Kaylee Hellman, Erin Dahl and Kaitlyn Fleegel

Lime Green Grasshoppers: Maia Hemmila, Emilee Marier, Lauren Gaboury and Hailee LaCombe

Purple Popcorn: Carley Palomaki, Alexis Hammerstrom and Sarah Chu

Blueberries: Aubree Blackburn and Autumn Gouldman

Grey Puppydogs: Kyra Veiht, Halle Palomaki, Ella Standerford and Samantha Nelson

Red Hot Lava: Kam Sicotte, Melayna Sicotte and Teddi Hulbert

Yellow Bumblebees: Ruby Burridge, Giana Rowe and Erin Phillips

Pink Bubblegum: Mia Spitz, Tyleur Wright, Logan McFarren, Anabel Ollila and Ava Andriacchi

U-6 coed

Here are goal scorers reported for games played June 17 and 19:

Blue Lightning Ducks: Jack Daugherty and Ian Sheltrow

Cardinal: Zack Leonard, Kyle Moyer and Kody Moyer

Blue Bombers: Trenton Wash

Blue Sharks: Molly Wilson, Joey Tuccini, Pearce Ross and Christopher Huetten-Johnson

Team14: Evan Balko and Matthew Brady

Sharks: Peter Nelson, Ian Engstrom, Caden Steede, Wyatt Hubbard and Robert Nelson

Golden Golds: Wyatt Ansell, Chase Thomsen and Brady Audette

Pale Pink Pumas: Aden Hamalainen

Goal scorers in play from the week of June 10:

Tan Tigers: Riley Andrews, Cole Kelly and Gus Hummell.

Yellow Volcanos: Landon Carpenter, Max Lackey, Spensir Bowen and Ben Kuhl.

Superior Blue Sharks: Miles Hill, Benjamin Faber, Braydon O’Dovero, Boden Moore and Maggy Moore.

Green Clovers: Jackson Rasmussen, Ryan Burbey and Mason Bocklund.

The Blue Bombers: Siena Goodney, TJ Davis, Samantha Paternoster, Ryan Mathie and Trenton Wash.

Blue Sharks: Molly Wilson.

Evan Balko: Harrison Balko, Matthew Brady, Drew Bradley and Hawk Fitzpatrick.

Sharks: Peter Nelson, Ian Engstrom, Caden Steede and Wyatt Hubbard.

White Lightning: Grady Gauthier, Brady Janofski, Eli Havel and Jack Way.

The Golden Golds: Wyatt Ansell, Theresa Locke and Sophie Armstrong.

Daffodil Yellow: Westin Yesney, Hunter Pennala and Nolia Dawson.

Green Lightning: Spensir Brunet, Brady Quinnell, Matthew Schlemm and Jacob Walker.

Pale Pink Pumas: Aden Hamalainen, Drew Erickson, Charlie Wood and Aiden Palo.