Fellow Flowers’ future

MARQUETTE – Fellow Flowers is a relatively new phenomenon, but its founders have dreams for its future.

Founders Tori Sager and Mel Charbonneau have participated in race expos throughout the Midwest and as far away as Florida so far.

“They are so many location, so many places to go yet,” Sager said. “So much we could tap into.”

The pair has been listening to feedback from women who have joined the movement of supporting each other in running.

“Women have been asking for a national network,” Charbonneau said. “I can see engaging them in a formal way. We’d like to create an expo, a weekend for women.”

Perhaps in 2015, there will be a Fellow Flowers retreat, Sager said.

“Maybe it would be almost a conference kind of format, with our own race,” she said.

Plans are just developing, but Charbonneau has one aspect firmly in place.

“When we have our own race, the women will not line up based on their times,” she said. “They will line up based on their flower color. The women will be connected at the beginning of the race, They can look at each other and say ‘we got this.’ We might not even give them their times at the end, but we’ll talk about ‘why are you running?'”

For now, the duo will be traveling to running events in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and other places in the next few months, then going to areas where winter races are held, like Florida and Arizona.

“There’s no shortage of races,” Charbonneau said. “It’s whittling it down to which ones we want to do and still have time for our families.”

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