New at the library

Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to enjoy the warm sunny weather than with a good book about some fascinating accomplished women? Check out these great new titles from the library.

Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court by Sandra Day O’Connor. Written from the perspective of the woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor, this book will take one on an historical journey of the U.S. Supreme Court. From the early days of circuit-riding, when justices who also served as trial judges traveled thousands of miles per year on horseback to hear cases, to the changes in civil rights ushered in by Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall; from foundational decisions such as Marbury vs. Madison to modern-day cases such as Hamdi vs. Rumsfeld, Justice O’Connor weaves together stories and lessons from the history of the court, charting turning points and pivotal moments that have helped define our nation’s progress. (347.7326 Oc)

The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom by Carol Pepper and Camilla Webster. Women control more than half of all the wealth in the U.S., and in 2011 held the majority of jobs in the workforce. As women’s earnings, freedom and influence increase, the old sequential patterns of education, marriage, motherhood and retirement no longer apply. A woman may set up a foundation in her 20s. Today women cycle repeatedly but not in any traditional order through several stages: wealth building, romance and marriage, motherhood, power, crisis, and loss, retirement, legacy building. (332.024 Pe)

Not in the Club by Janet Pucino. While a number of women have risen to top levels in Corporate US-based organizations, statistically they are exceptions at the executive levels and in boardrooms. Even when women reach the uppermost echelons in business, they seldom become a member of “The Club” to which their male counterparts belong. Pucino shares her executive expertise with the reader with insights from dozens of professional men and women, as well as leading scholars in behavior science, sociology and economics to prepare women for leadership roles and critical elements of success for women. (331.4097 Pu)

Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice by Mary Robinson. One of the most inspiring women of our age, Mary Robinson has spent her life in pursuit of a fairer world, becoming a powerful and influential voice for human rights around the globe. As an activist lawyer she won landmark cases advancing the causes of women and marginalized people against the prejudices of the day. Told with same calm,conviction and modest pride anyone who reads this autobiography will be inspired to believe that each of us can, in our way, help to change the world for the better. (921 Robinson)

– Diana L Menhennick

Reference Department