Bureaucracy cited

To the Journal editor:

Yesterday, the man who has delivered our Mining Journal for over a decade told me that he will be delivering our last newspaper this Saturday.

He has been a perfect paperboy; always on time in any weather even though he is handicapped. He explained to me that his Social Security administrator informed him that his benefits will be cut if he keeps making money and that he had been advised him to stop delivering the paper.

How does that strike you?

I looked up the Social Security office phone number in the phone book and dialed it to suggest a few things to the administrator who told him that like: 1) don’t let this go down, 2) call your boss and insist that this doesn’t go down, 3) call Barack Obama and have him change the rules. Unfortunately, the phone number had been disconnected and I realized that the office no longer existed on Front Street and that there was no one there to talk to.

The man who delivers my papers is one of the people who make me happy to pay my Social Security payments. He is exactly the kind of person I want to help. He is disabled but he wants to work and provide a service to his community.

This job can’t pay much, but it gives him connection with all of us and a reason for waking up in the morning. The outcome of this action couldn’t be more wrong. They are taking a working man and forcing him into dependency, refusing him the dignity he derives from his job.

I may not know the intricacies of Social Security rules but I know that that one has to change. We have to get our safety net agencies out of the business of encouraging people not to work.

We need to get as many people working as possible. This is self-evident and obvious and we cannot afford to shrug our shoulders to these regressive policies any more.

I challenge the Social Security administrator who advised my delivery man to make a stand for my delivery man and I challenge all of us to protest loudly whenever we see this kind of nonsense happening in our neighborhoods.

Dan Perkins