NSA snooping violates basic American right

We have significant concerns about recent revelations that the super secret National Security Agency has been spending much of its time, and who knows how much of our money, invading our privacy.

All of this came to light, of course, via Edward Snowden, the former contract analyst turned apparent whistleblower who disclosed much about the agency’s activities in collecting data from telephone and cellphone calls.

It’s unclear exactly what was collected and for how long; the agency claims it’s to nip terror plans in the bud and indeed cites several examples of schemes stopped before they started.

An all but instant hero to some and bad guy to others, we’ll reserve comment on Snowden for another time.

Having said that, however, we are deeply troubled about the depth of NSA snooping.

America is about a great many great things, not the least of which is our right to privacy. That the government has been monitoring so much for so long, is, at the very least troubling.

Perhaps it’s time to stop.