Could be worse

To the Journal editor:

More about the weather, more about tornados in the Midwest and also lots of rain and flooding. I’m sure many are not happy at our cooler than usual weather.

The first day of summer was Friday. Still have some time for warm weather. Just try to look at the positive side. I remember the hail storm a few years ago. Lots of damage to trees, gardens, roofs. Homes had to be replaced, shingles that got torn up. I remember that was pretty bad.

Lucky it only lasted maybe an hour. Just think of getting winds of 80 mph or more for 24 hours or so. That’s what hurricanes are like. I was in a couple in Japan and one in the Philippines. Lucky for us, being on a military base we had stable protection. Many people died in those storms.

I’ve written before about this climate change from pollution of the air. Many still think not. Just have to wait and see if the storms are more frequent and intense.

When it directly affects you, then it might change your mind about how we taking care of our planet.

Soon the hurricane season. How many and how strong, time will tell. So even though the weather is not perfect and we have not had a great spring, just think it could be worse. Even though I wish it would start warming up. I know from experience being in extreme weather situations can be scary.

So I’m taking it each day, rain or snow. Sunny days, as long as the wind does not blow 80 mph or tornados come along. And even in winter, a few inches, not 1 or 2 feet of snow all at once.

That too could be something to fear. So enjoy our weather and be thankful it has not gone to the extremes yet.