New at the library

Have you ever wanted to learn to bake? Do you already consider yourself a qualified baker? Your Time To Bake by Robert L. Blakeslee can help you create wonderful works of culinary art in your kitchen at home. This is a cookbook for the novice baker. It has the qualities to turn non-bakers into successful creators of cakes, cookies, pies, and other delectable baked goods. I really enjoyed making the scones. I added raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries with the blueberries to “berrify” the recipe.

Another baking book to pick up from the library if you want to get your bake on is Pies Sweet and Savory by Caroline Bretherton. This book is all about constructing pies from scratch. This book can help open your mind to different types of pies, from meat pies to vegetarian quiches. It has rich chocolate tarts and divine fruit cobblers; there is a pie for every taste and occasion. One recipe that blew me away was the spicy beef hand pies. The one thing I would suggest when making this recipe is make two batches of dough. I ran out of dough with one batch.

Baking isn’t the only fundamental when it comes to creating food. Let’s talk about one of our American favorites, the burger. How about The Book of Burger by the New York Times best-selling author Rachael Ray? A lot of folks love to have that wonderful cookout in the heat of summertime. If you want to spice up the cookout, try making a burger that will get all of your friends saying “WOW!” This book has all types of burgers patties with choices of beef, chicken, pork, salmon, veggie and lamb. There are plenty of recipes for side dishes that complement any types of burger.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Southern Cooking?” Well, the book Texas Eats , written by Robb Walsh, will help you understand southern cooking like never before. Unlike most cookbooks, this book has chapters. Each gives a description and tells stories about all of the recipes in the chapter, providing background of where the recipes originated and then some. I made a delicious coconut chicken stew, but wasn’t sure what to pair it with. When I opened this book I found a really tasty boardinghouse biscuits recipe that helped complete my dish.

Last, but not least, is a book that will make you smile, say “Cheese.” Hot and Cheesy by Clifford A. Wright has some super good recipes for the fan of cheese. More than 250 recipes that involve cheese are compiled here. Fritters, pastries, casseroles, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, breads and everything else you can stuff, top or sprinkle with cheese fill this book. I fell in love with two recipes. The Broccoli Cheese Dish and the Broccoli Stems Pistachio au Gratin dishes get your mouth watering for more, if you like broccoli and cheese, of course. The cool thing about these two recipes is that you use the broccoli florets for one recipe and the broccoli stems for the other.

Remember every recipe you come across is only a guideline. It is encouraged in the culinary world to add your own twist to a recipe. Also, kitchen time should be fun time; enjoy creating dishes with these ideas from the library collection.