Pascoe, Cox, Dehlin record milestones

MARQUETTE – More than 40 racers attended two nights of racing at the Marquette BMX track last week.

On June 11, riders dealt with fog as Jaedan Pascoe picked up his 10th novice win to move up to intermediate class, which Ernest Goodwin also advanced into. Ethan Larson and Noah LaJoie were pit bike winners.

Thursday, Jordan Cox picked up his first win in the 13 Novice class, while Stella Dehlin, 3, won a class of striders held for the first time. LaJoie was again a pit bike winner and was joined by Lucas Basal and Lizzie Niemi.

Here are results from each night:

June 11 – 26-30 Cruiser: Alex Niemi, Michele Basal, Lizzie Niemi; 5-under Novice: Connor Fierstine, Bjorn Anderson, Ella Clement; 8 Novice: Samuel Dehlin, Lucas Swetich, Lily Swetich; 9 Novice: Spencer Harvala, Amiya Trombley, Elliot Mason; 12 Novice: Jaedan Pascoe, Devin Pascoe, Jordan Cox; 6 Intermediate: Luke Menard, Ernest Goodwin, Ava Stern; 8 Intermediate: Matthew Johnson, Lucas Basal, Brooklyn Blanck; 9 Intermediate: Dawson Lawry, Dustin Lohfink, Tyler Bell; 10 Intermediate: Max Churack, Wyatt Clement, Thomas Lohfink; 15 Intermediate: Alex Niemi, Zachary Hallinen, Jenna Keller; 41 & Over Intermediate: Michael Noble, Emma Niemi, David Niemi; 11 Expert: Noah LaJoie, Michael Johnson, Andrew Niemi.

Thursday- 3 Strider: Stella Dehlin, Ella Nottle, Sterling Marshall; 14 Cruiser: Alex Niemi, Noah LaJoie, Andrew Niemi; 5 Novice: Bjorn Anderson, Cade Kruhark, Ella Clament; 8 Novice: Lucas Swetich, Samuel Dehlin, Bodhi White; 9 Novice: Amiya Trombley, Lizzie Niemi, Lauryn Martin; 11 Novice: Devin Pascoe, Gary Lawton, Seth Marshall; 13 Novice: Jordan Cox, Nicole Keller, Michaela Johnson; 8 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, Chase Waters, Alexander Curry; 9 Intermediate: Dawson Lawry, Dustin Lohfink, Tyler Bell; 11 Intermediate: Andrew Niemi, Max Churack, Thomas Lohfink; 15 Intermediate: Sage Pletka, Alex Niemi, Kenny Davis; 41-over Intermediate: Michael Noble, Emma Niemi, David Niemi; 13 Expert: Skylar Fortin, Noah LaJoie, Jaedan Pascoe.