Fair is fair

To the Journal editor:

Well, the G8 (big money) conference is under way. This is where the rich get richer and we get the “short end of the stick” again.

This is a secret meeting of the super rich, folks, and if you think they have our best interests in mind, think again. The middle class has been footing the bill for far too many years.

It’s time the upper class takes a hit in the wallet. It is long past the time for us to band together and say Stop raping us. I am tired of paying for their mistakes. How about you?

It is not easy to form a new government when we had one that has worked for so long, but, there comes a time when our leaders no longer listen to us or do what is right for all the people, then it is time to look for a solution to the problem of despotic leadership.

R. B. Lambert