Vandals disrespect area history

Last weekend the 116-year-old Father Marquette statue was vandalized by someone who doesn’t care about all the hard work that has been put into restoring the statue – or the history of our area.

What I don’t understand about the the vandalization is, out of all things, why Father Marquette?

What vendetta could someone possibly have against this beautiful statue that keeps watch over our town?

I’m not a native of the U.P., but it has become my home over the past six years and even I have enough pride in this city and county to be horrified by this act.

The weekend the statue was vandalized I was the reporter on the desk. When I found out about the vandalism, I was in complete disbelief for two reasons. First, this was the second time the statue had been vandalized in the past seven months, and second, the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee just commissioned an artist to restore and clean the statue the previous Monday.

I’ve met both the president and vice president of the beautification group – both very nice women who have a passion for making Marquette a more beautiful place to live and visit. After the statue got vandalized I had to contact them to get their reaction. Both of them sounded very upset – even furious – that vandalism had happened yet again. I could tell that they were frustrated. All they wanted was find out who did the deed and bring them to justice. That’s why the committee is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the culprit or culprits.

The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee is officially celebrating Father Marquette next month and because the statue was vandalized the restoration artist is coming up a few days earlier to make sure the landmark statue is clean and ready for the celebration.

I just hope it stays that way – and I?hope the disrespectful vandals are found and get their well deserved punishment.

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