Gas prices too high but everyone in same boat

If anyone thought The Mining Journal is no longer keeping a close watch on gasoline prices being charged in the greater Marquette area, as opposed to the Upper Peninsula, think again.

We have observed, with a growing sense of concern, that gas prices have slowly inched upward in recent months.

It appears, in part, that reasons for the increases relate to problems at refineries or varying sorts and product transportation issues.

Make no mistake, we oppose the increases but it doesn’t appear that Marquette is being treated any differently than other areas of the U.P.

And that’s the important thing, here.

With only a handful of exceptions, the prices in the region have been comparable to what is being charged in and around Marquette.

And that, of course, is central to the concerns we have often expressed on this page over time, that Marquette-area motorists have paid siginificantly more than elsewhere.

That’s not happening anymore, and in our opinion, that’s good news.