Piqua stroll planned

MARQUETTE – The Marquette Regional History Center will present “A Neighborhood Apart-A Stroll through the Piqua Location.” Jim Koski and the Marquette Regional History Center will lead the tour of one of Marquette’s lost ethnic neighborhoods. The tour will start at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Range Bank on McClellan Avenue.

The Piqua walk will deal with the story of Marquette’s last “original’ (pre-WWII) neighborhood, centered around the city’s “Civil War” streets (streets like McClellan, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan). Participants will learn about the inhabitants of the area (mainly, but not totally, families of Finnish descent) and how they lived growing up 80 or 90 years ago in an area that was physically separated from most of the rest of the city.

Tales will be told of Friday night saunas, homemade ski jumps and hitching a ride on a train just to go swimming. Other points of topic will be Marquette’s first golf courses, and the factory that gave the area it’s name – the Piqua Wood Products Plant.

There is a suggested $5 donation for this event. For more information, call 226-3571 or visit