There’s always hope

To the Journal editor:

Wisdom is not a religion that can be taught, it can only be observed if at a young age one has regular contact with an individual who already possesses wisdom.

One must commit him or herself to a lifetime of learning, mostly in solitary circumstances. In addition, there is no end to wisdom as there are to some other religions.

The wise man has the capability to see through the falsehoods and errors and point us in the direction of truth, but at the same time feels no obligation to do so, for each individual must determine for themselves the virtue (if any) of the path they have chosen in life.

As the decades spent learning and practicing wisdom go by we begin to focus more on the larger issues in life, what will or will not be helpful for humanity, what will or will not be helpful to the nation we live in.

The most important point is that we must never give up on improving ourselves, our nation, or humanity. If we do give up because we have determined that the task ahead is too difficult, we will then have ruined many positive elements of life for future generations.

Those responsible for this will be those who are alive today. And what have you thought about today?

Ray Gattavara

Sumner, Wash.