Fierstine earns win at Marquette BMX track

MARQUETTE – On a cool evening for racing June 6, Connor Fierstine, 5, of Marquette picked up his first win while racing at the Marquette BMX track.

A total of 42 riders raced in 11 motos during the competition. Race results were as follows:

26-30 Cruiser: Alex Niemi, Andrew Niemi and Jon Spencer.

5 and Under Novice: Connor Fierstine, Bjorn Anderson and Cade Kruhark.

6 Novice: Ernest Goodwin, Corbin Grim and Lily Swetich.

9 Novice: Elliot Mason, Max Koetje and Lucas Swetich.

12 Novice: Jaedan Pascoe, Devin Pascoe and Gary Lawton.

8 Intermediate: Brooklyn Blanck, Ethan Larson and Alexander Curry.

9 Intermediate: Dawson Lawry, Dustin Lohfink and Tyler Bell.

11 Intermediate: Andrew Niemi, Max Churack and Thomas Lohfink.

13 Intermediate: Noah LaJoie, Peter Ruokola and Michaela Johnson.

15 Intermediate: Sage Pletka, Alex Niemi and Kenny Davis.

41 and Over Intermediate: Michael Noble, Emma Niemi and David Niemi.

Pit Bike winner: Noah LaJoie.