County on right track in opposing state cuts

The Marquette County Board is on the right track in considering a resolution opposing expected reductions in state revenue sharing.

As a page one story Monday penned by Staff Writer John Pepin detailed, county officials have anticipated nearly a $300,000 shortfall in state revenue sharing money next year, funds that are used for a wide variety of county endeavors including the courts, jail and public health.

Recently, commissioners opened significant discussions on a resolution calling on the state to meet its revenue sharing obligations completely.

One version of the resolution states, “Revenue sharing is more than just a pot of money to be allocated in whole or in part to counties; it is a statutory promise made to counties in exchange for giving up local taxing authority and for a more recent change in local taxing administration.”

The commission is also discussing a stronger-worded document, one that is sent to other county boards in the region and state for consideration.

As a practical matter. it’s unclear to us what real good a resolution will do, assuming it’s completed and gains support across the state.

State government officials have an observable history across the political spectrum and years of doing what they think they need to do to advance their agendas.

That said, saying and doing nothing likely sends the wrong message, too.

We join the county in noting that state government should be required to live up to its obligations, like everyone else. It just isn’t clear to us how to make that happen.