Back to the future?

To the Journal editor:

Where are we going with this save the Upper Peninsula wolves (effort)? Are these people waiting for the wolves to start killing and eating people? Will that be enough, or will they just say what’s the difference?

Our Michigan Department of Natural Resources and police force are here to protect us, not wolves. In case of a wolf attack they are miles away we have to protect ourselves.

These wolves are not our little chihuahuas. They are killing machines. Ask the people in Alaska who last year had a school teacher killed by wolves. Is this what we want? Hell no! If I go for a walk nowadays, I have to carry a gun.

Years ago, we could roam these woods. We were safe from predators. Planting these predators has become a fire our government and DNR will never put out without going back to poisons, traps, hunting and the bounty system which our forefathers who were a lot smarter than our present DNR and government were.

Farmers without?

Bob Johnson