Negaunee schools’ ‘green’ efforts getting attention

It isn’t easy being green, legendary sage Kermit the Frog famously said.

The Negaunee Public Schools district, however, is working to prove being green is worth the effort.

The district recently received recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. It might not be easy to earn such recognition, but through a commitment to becoming a better energy steward, the Negaunee Public Schools are becoming greener.

Jim Derocher, the Negaunee district superintendent, told Mining Journal Staff Writer Jackie Stark for a story Friday that the district’s long-standing sinking fund allows it to update its buildings, with energy savings always in mind.

“All of those things that we’ve done over the years have helped to reduce the energy costs, and, in turn, when we can reduce the energy costs, that money gets put back into the classroom where it should be,” Derocher said.

The EPA’s Energy Star award was given to the school in recognition “of superior energy performance,” according to a press release issued by the district.

Congratulations to the Negaunee Public Schools: It’s wonderful to see a district work so diligently toward a green future.