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To the Journal editor:

The Gilbert School in Gwinn may well be sold, which raises the question “to whom?” The best use clearly is for a school.

The school board does not want competition, which would only complicate matters.

I would like to simply raise the issue of a possible sale to Northern Michigan University to create a southern campus. One advantage would be housing for students year around. Another would be a summer music program including acting.

Also certain natural resource courses in fisheries, tree farms and organic gardening could take advantage of local assets. Another major advantage would be to Gwinn Area High School students who qualified for college course credits. They could easily commute between the high school and Gilbert.

Virtually everyone in Gwinn would welcome NMU and NMU should easily be able to benefit financially. A win-win situation.

This might even open up opportunities for specific NMU departments to expand and might attract donors who might otherwise not be inclined to sponsor a program.

This also might help the local school funding situation by gaining class opportunities without calling for increased revenue.

I don’t believe the general public is knowledgeable in this area, so my appeal is to the parties of concern to consider this modest proposal.