Good works done

To the Journal editor:

May 12-18 was National Nursing Home Week. The staff at Lake Superior Hospice would like to celebrate our partners, Jacobetti Home for Veterans, Norlite Nursing Center, Eastwood Nursing Center, Marquette County Medical Care Facility, Mather Nursing Center and Tendercare Nursing Center.

We are honored to work with these organizations to provide assistance with patients and families as a patient is finishing their life’s journey.

Our local Nursing Homes provide excellent round the clock care for folks that can no longer care for themselves.

From medical management (working with the physician) to bathing, preparing food and keeping the environment clean, the staff and administrators of these facilities provide a safe home for our loved ones to live in.

Beyond that, they provide celebrations for seasons and occasions, music, bingo, Bible study, events and socials, outings and above all care and compassion.

Social workers, along with other staff, provide family support. We are grateful for the service and support these facilities provide. Often a person who has been living alone blossoms when they enter a nursing home.

They appreciate the food being prepared for them, assistance with things they cannot do for themselves and others to talk to while enjoying activities.

Lake Superior Hospice works alongside nursing home staff to provide that extra layer of support with symptom management, spiritual and emotional support for the patient and family and a little extra time to spend with them.

We are grateful for the partnership and support that the local nursing homes offer and appreciate their commitment to the families of our community.

Thank you. We celebrate you and commend you for all of the amazing work you do in the community!

Becky Shauver, educator

Lake Superior Hospice