MARQUETTE – The last bit of work is expected to be completed today on the restoration of the Father Marquette statue.

Members of the Venus Bronze Works – a Detroit-based company – have been working over the past months to restore the statue to its original state. They replaced all of the missing pieces on Monday and then cleaned the statue.

“It needed the restoration. It’s been in disrepair for far too long,” said Emily Lewis, president of the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee.

Lewis said it has been 100 years since the statue was moved from the bottom of Ridge Street to its new location, north of the Lake Superior Community Partnership.

“We thought for the 100 years it’d be nice to have it (statue) restored and then have a memorial.”

The memorial will take place July 15 and will include a presentation by Marquette Mayor Johnny DePetro, as well as the leading sculptor of the project, Giorgio Gikas. Gikas will also make a presentation at the Hampton Inn the morning of the celebration, to speak about how he restored the antique.

Lewis said although the statue is restored, the project isn’t finished.

“We want to work on landscaping the park, lighting the statue and making the park handicap accessible.”

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