Methods unethical

To the Journal editor:

Delisting wolves and allowing a so-called hunt on these innocent animals (actually, a brutal massacre) is the sign of misguided leadership. Hunting wolves randomly can cause behavioral problems as, the pack’s hierarchy will be broken; wolves will disperse, creating more problems.

Use of steel jaw traps? This is barbaric, cruel, and unnecessary and most certainly not hunting.

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission did not rely on the direction of our renowned wolf biologists but brought in outside sources (Mr. Pauley) with no regard for Michigan wolves other than trophy hunting! He should have no say in this matter whatsoever. Leave it to Michigan’s experts-and I do not mean State Sen. Thomas Casperson-R-, Escanaba, Gov. Rick Snyder, or hunting advocates.

Gov. Snyder claims that science is behind this hunt. But the decision to kill Michigan’s wolves is a political move, nothing more. Don’t be fooled by the boys in office who are simply catering to lobbyists.

Over 250,000 registered Michigan voters signed petitions to put the wolf hunt on the ballot; this was disregarded by Governor Snyder. What other voter rights will be taken away? What other wildlife will be opened up to senseless slaughter?

How about the farmer, what measures has he used to deter wolves? Flagging? The use of guard dogs? Animal rotation? Have any of these methods been tried?

As for the two dogs recently killed, how about being a responsible pet owner and not letting your dog wander loose in a wildlife area? I cannot imagine leaving a geriatric dog out to fend for himself. It is a known fact that wolves will prey on animals of diminished capacity.

Same as the Newfoundland, 150 yards out of sight where wolves and other wildlife live. The loss of these dogs is very sad, but the owners need to be held responsible. I would never allow my dogs to roam free and unsupervised.

We’ve become a greed-filled society, lacking in morals. I shudder to think what we are teaching our children. All life should be considered precious and not subject to trophy hunting. It seems that “ethical” hunting, along with protecting our wildlife and their environment, has become a thing of the past.

How sad. When will we learn?

Joanna Tomacari