Keep home open

To the Journal editor:

There are 13 members of the Ishpeming/Negaunee community living at the Woodland Senior Living facility that are being asked to move out of there home. Their ages range from the early sixties to the mid nineties. They were informed last week that the home they have known for as long as five years and as short as a few months was being sold and will be closing at the end of June.

These people have to find another place to live where they can get the help that they need. Young people can live almost anywhere but these residents are being asked to move and change the surroundings that they have become familiar with and have called home for a number of years. This means moving them away from the people/friends that they have come to know but also out of the Ishpeming/Negaunee area.

This is not only affecting the residents but also the 10 workers at the facility and the family of the residents. It is too bad that those in “power” feel that this needed to be done. I am sure that there would have been other ways to keep it as a senior living community. This is the only facility of its kind in the Ishpeming/Negaunee area. We wonder if Cleveland Cliffs Natural Resources/Rio Tinto, LSCP venture community fund could have granted monies, in part, toward the purchase, possibly along with another assisted living facility, in order to keep Woodland open. This would have been an important longterm legacy for both Cliffs and Rio Tinto and helped the 13 residents stay at home with their friends and family they have grown to love.

Jon and Barbara Palomaki