China parallels

To the Journal editor:

In China the authorities chose to isolate artists by enforcing restrictions on expression and all communication, even photography and any video documentation of police intervention of such benign activities as artists having dinner together outside.

This enforcement was noticeably more aggressive – through documentation with audio, video technology -of the artist Ai Weiwei.

Interestingly, artists in China and the world over have more conviction than ever.

Here and now, authorities unable to isolate protectors of endangered species have chosen a species to focus everyone’s attention on. A predator species that has been the sculpturer of monocultures there by controlling disease and pests has become the scapegoat for any lack of caution or respect not maintained where there is wilderness. We have a lush and diverse wilderness in many parts of Michigan, especially so in Marquette County. Any disruption in the balance has only brought a host of unforeseen problems. Even science which can only assuredly predict probability cannot exactly predict results from a “new” experiment. And art having a vision at the outset through process-creating-transcends into object.

Ai Weiwei challenged all to witness failed infrastructure for the people – the children – who were killed in a school building collapse.

Wolves challenge us to be mindful of our immediate world and more importantly to care with all we’ve got for what’s closest to us.

The protectors of endangered species now have more conviction than ever, as we all know that is not about the wolves really. The picture is immense. From near the shores of Gitchee Gumee/Lake Superior. What will we leave our grandchildren?

Rosa Musket