No amnesty

To the Journal editor:

My ancestors who came from different countries were willing to change their language, laws and heritages just for the purpose of becoming an American and speaking the English language. The order and respect of American citizens were untouched in nearly all aspects mainly because of the compliance to our laws. Today, over 12 million illegal aliens in this country have refused to comply with our immigration laws, and have forced U.S.-born citizens to pay for a variety of fees and services that are in the Spanish language. There is only one genuine solution to the problem: “Send them back to their original countries and then, process them legally.” Many people feel that this could never be done. I have not forgotten the words of President John F. Kennedy by stating that: “We will land on the moon not because it is easy but because it is hard.” Many people felt that we did not have the ability to land on the moon. Obviously, they were wrong. As of today, why do people make statements that we cannot send illegal aliens back to their countries?

It is time to stop giving any form of amnesty for illegal aliens and start giving more attention to the honest U.S.-born and new citizens who follow our laws so that we can finally start the process of getting out of our national debt. For example, a huge amount of money currently goes to support and provide medical treatment for individuals who are illegally in this country – all of which comes from American taxpayers. This money should go to improve the lives of American citizens as well as to improve our economy and infrastructure. If we are not willing to send them back to their countries, we are only magnifying the problem by rewarding them for breaking our laws and giving the green light for more illegal aliens. If so, let me know when our U.S.-born citizens have the same “right” to break laws whenever we wish.