Memorial Day

To the Journal editor:

Memorial Day will soon be here. It’s a day of remembrance of loved ones who have passed on. It used to be on May 30 but seems those in Washington D.C. change our special days to have long weekends. That’s pretty sad I would say. Seems to me as time goes on, our value system has changed. Instead of celebrating the real meaning of our special days, it’s more of having time off work to have parties or do other recreation. Just think of what it used to be like. Unless you are of the new generation, than you only know the new way.

I remember starting with Valentine’s Day. It was more for kids not adults, as was Halloween. Independence Day July 4 should remind us of the freedom that we fought for long ago. Labor Day is about good vibes for most people. That has been going downhill pretty fast. Thanksgiving, which I’ve written about, is much different than years ago. Many are not thankful for the increased blessings we have enjoyed as the years have passed. And Christmas is more or less which stores make the most money, etc. This year, it may start in August or September. Not much about the real meaning, which is all about Jesus Christ coming into our world.

Then how about all the other added so called holidays. Many have been added. Could be 20 or 30 more. Anyway, I try to remember to honor the special days for the real reason. So come Memorial Day, I hope to pay respect to family members that have passed on and also the many service men and women that should be remembered for keeping our freedom that we enjoy.

My final word is that we, the living, will someday be on the other side. In other words, we will have passed from this life. Could be young or old. Rich or poor, kings, presidents, movie stars, whoever. All will be gone. Those who remain until their time will hopefully continue to celebrate Memorial Day for its real meaning to pay respect to those laid to rest.

As for me, or any who believe in the resurrected Christ, then our next life will be beyond the grave to the real life of being with the Lord in his great kingdom called Heaven.