Mother’s Day shame

To the Journal editor:

Sunday was Mothers’ Day-a day we have set aside to honor our mothers. Your Front Page article was not only a shock to the word “honor”, but another symptom of our crumbling society. In Nicole Knepper’s book, “Moms Who Drink And Swear” she lets “The F-bombs fly, the flavored vodka flows and husbands pay dearly, but what’s the point of dwelling on the smeared, sleep-deprived underbelly of life with kids? Even if it is just for a laugh. We’ve opened the dialogue…You multitask. You do it all, only nobody can do it all well.”

Thank God for the pockets of hope such as the Parade cover story that same day describing a lovely mother, Sarah Smiley and her 3 sons. Sarah, a military wife came up with an inspired way to fill her husband’s empty seat at the table while he was deployed overseas for a year. As Sarah says at the end of the article, “Tonight, all over the country, countless people will eat alone. I imagine most of them wouldn’t care about the lack of shine on your floors, or the pile of shoes in your hallway. And you may find, as I did, that once you reach out, your neighbors are much closer than you thought, and your community is the one you build around you.” Gee, maybe multitasking could be put to better use. And maybe The Mining Journal could find a better article to honor mothers next year.