New at the library

Even though we’re all happy to see summer weather arriving and looking forward to spending time outdoors, don’t forget the library’s DVD collection for those cold and rainy Michigan summer days.

For fans of James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small” series that ran on PBS, the library has a season of Young James Herriot. Before he became famous, a wide-eyed and eager Herriot arrived at Glasgow Veterinary College to pursue the career he’d dreamed of since childhood. A backdrop of profound social change at home and abroad adds to the story of Herriot’s education.

In 1965, the young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse is recruited into the hunt for a missing schoolgirl and finds himself in the midst of a murder investigation. For fans of the Inspector Morse series Endeavour gives a look into the history of the opera-loving detective. We’re hoping for another episode.

We follow Quill, a yellow Lab retriever guide dog for the blind, from the litter, his selection to become a guide dog, and his life with a foster family until his first birthday, followed by highly specialized schooling in guiding the sightless. He is paired with a blind man who is at first reluctant to rely on Quill. But Quill’s great patience, gentleness, and skill eventually win him over and they become inseparable friends.

Sign Language 101: a Beginner’s Guide to American Sign Language is excellent for students as well as teachers, parents, and professionals learning ASL to communicate clearly and naturally with the deaf. We’ve added additional sign language DVDs to broaden your vocabulary.

If you had to be out of town like I did and missed the chance to attend the Model A Ford Club of America’s meeting last summer, we have the 60 minute DVD detailing the highlights of Model A Ford Club of America 2012 National Convention.

Thanks to a generous donation from a patron, we have Makers: Women Who Make America. Narrated by Meryl Streep, this is the story of how women have helped shape America over the last fifty years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in American history, in pursuit of their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy.

My Life as a Turkey. Leave it to PBS to produce a nature documentary as edifying and touching as it is unlikely. You’ll enjoy vivid, remarkable re-creations of naturalist/author/artist Joe Hutto’s experiences raising a group of wild turkey hatchlings as they progress toward maturity and inevitably go their separate ways.

Paraclete Press has produced a series of DVDs on dealing with grief. With local groups, agencies and individuals dealing with grief, these DVDS could help. The titles include: Beyond Death’s Door: Help for the Grieving Process after Someone You Love Has Died ; Footprints on our Hearts: Walking through Grief after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Newborn Death; Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One: Guidance for when the Unthinkable Occurs: Helping Parents Grieve: finding new Life after the Death of a Child; Journey through the Shadows: Hope for Healing after someone You Love has Committed Suicide; and We Will Miss You: Support for Grieving the Death of a Pet.

– Caroline Jordan

Collection Development