Gone fishin’

Upper Peninsula

Marquette: Catch rates for coho were very slow with most reporting no fish. Lake trout action was good for those trolling just off the bottom in 200 to 230 feet of water near the Sand Hole. Try assorted spoons with sucker bait. Large schools of sticklebacks were associated with the lake trout. Most fish were 3 to 4 pounds but some went as high as 15 pounds. A few chinook salmon were caught by those trolling near Shot Point.

Keweenaw Bay: Is producing a mix of coho, chinook and the occasional brown trout but anglers are putting in a lot of time to catch a few fish. The water is still dirty. Anglers reported debris getting caught in their lines. Those fishing off the rock dock near the L’Anse Marina are picking up the occasional coho or rainbow trout on spawn, spoons or crawlers.

Falls River: The smelt run is over however anglers are picking up some rainbow trout. Try spoons, spawn or crawlers.

Silver River: The smelt are done but anglers caught rainbow trout.

Huron River: Is producing rainbow trout.

AuTrain: Catch rates for coho slowed dramatically. Anglers trolled several hours but caught few fish. Lake trout action was better for those trolling spoons and sucker baits in 150 to 200 feet of water. The fish averaged 3 to 4 pounds.

Munising: Pier anglers reported slow catch rates with only the occasional steelhead or splake taken on spawn. When boats can get out, they caught a mix of chinook, coho and splake. The chinook ranged 3 to 10 pounds. Lake trout up to 25 pounds were caught by those trolling the Big Reef but not everyone out there caught fish.

Grand Marais: The upper parking lot is still blocked with construction debris. Few boats have been out but the number of pier anglers has increased. They are catching mostly whitefish and coho. The whitefish were 10 to 15 inches and the coho were averaging 16 inches. Try spawn, crawlers or casting small spoons and rapalas in the morning. The few boats that did go out managed to pick up a few coho and steelhead.