Spare the wolves

To the Journal editor:

With respect, Gov. Rick Snyder may I say that you just don’t get it. Neither do the other decision makers who have decided to go ahead, despite the obvious opposition among many thoughtful Michiganders, with what you and the others call a wolf hunt but that I call recreational slaughter.

There are an approximate 650 wolves in the Upper Peninsula. You have just authorized with your signature the killing of 43 of them. What you apparently don’t get is that all around the world we, man, is being forced to come to terms with issues, especially environmental/ecological issues in different, less arrogant ways.

To do and to think differently about our relationship with the environment, nature than in the past. Issues such as population growth, the economy, the ecology, human health, transportation, education, climate, government are all massive problem areas of immediate concern shouting out for different, innovative and effective solutions.

Your solution to the wolf “problem” in the U.P. is to kill them! I and many others of your concerned constituents see this as a pathetic, uncreative, politically-driven response, governor.

A hoary reply to a challenging issue that, like so many others today, offer us the opportunity to move away from the kind of arrogant, man-centered, simplistic thinking that is failing us and future generations in so many, critical ways.

Couldn’t you do better, sir?

Bill Waters