Let facts speak

To the Journal editor:

Not too long ago, in the not too distant past a majority of Americans, our politicians and press would of demanded answers to why four Americans died in the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi and we did nothing to save them.

Then our administration told us it was because of a video on Youtube that caused this attack. It has come out that months before that our CIA warned about an increase in terrorist attacks and the ambassador himself asked that more security was needed and it fell on deaf ears.

What we do know is it was months before a presidential election and when this happens you have politicians and the people they appointed being more concerned in their re-election than what is morally correct.

We know there is a presidential election less than four years away and too many might want to protect a person that is seeking the highest office in the future. We must demand that those who made the decision not to have enough security or not to send help be taken to task for those decisions.

Let the truth come out: let it lie at the feet of whomever. The dead Americans serving their government and their families deserve at least this much.

Daniel Niemi