Many great ones

To the Journal editor:

Mr. Thorton said he observed these players in his 60 years of watching basketball. He definitely hit the nail on the head. All of them deserved to be listed. But I had the honor of playing with or against seven of these fine athletes.

I disagree with the number three selection. Mel Peterson was a standout with Stephenson and was almost unstoppable. I remember watching him in the Negaunee Lakeview Gym and he was double and at times tripled teamed.

I’m not positive but he had close to 30 points. He had 51 versus Menominee in the Class B districts and 63 against Manistique in the same year. I would have placed him number one. He went on to Wheaton college and was drafted by the Pistons and later played with the Baltimore Bullets.

My second disagreement was omitting Dominic “Dukey” Jacobetti, the Upper Peninsula leading scorer with 2,140 points. I would have loved to seen the three-point shot back then because as Al McGuire of Marquette University said, “he was one of the best pure shooters” he had seen. I had the pleasure of playing with Dukey for about 15 years throughout the U.P. and he was double teamed on many occasions. He would offset this defense by just pulling up at the three point line and draining it. No doubt on most picks he would have been on this neophytes list.

But this is still America and everybody sees things differently.

Sonny Guizzetti