City jewel cited

To the Journal editor:

We would like everyone to know that the Lake Bancroft Project volunteers will be working on water remediation this summer. You will see us out by the lake as soon as temperatures warm sufficiently.

Eagle Scout candidate, Seth Brewer, will be joining our efforts this year. He will build a structure on the lake shore to hold several floc hogs, tubes designed to hold food-grade polymer floculant logs.

We will pump lake water at 500 gallons/minute through the floc hogs so that floculant dissolves and binds with excess nitrates and phosphates currently suspended in the water.

The bound nitrates and phosphates will then drop to the lake bottom when the treated water is pumped back into the lake. As the project continues this summer, you will notice Lake Bancroft becoming cleaner and clearer.

The Lake Bancroft Project is crucial to Ishpeming’s quality of life. By cleaning up Lake Bancroft and returning it to ecological health, we are ensuring that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

In future years, we will be adding minnows and pan fish to the reoxygenated waters, providing recreation for our youngsters, and will be expanding a nature walk and garden. We are also planning on eventually adding a handicapped-accessible pier.

Lake Bancroft is Ishpeming’s jewel. For the sake of Ishpeming’s future, won’t you join us in our efforts to remediate our lake? We will have to treat the lake periodically over the years to maintain the water quality we achieve.

For more information, please visit the city of Ishpeming website and click on the link to the Lake Bancroft Project. Join us in celebrating our jewel!

We hope you will watch our progress this summer with curiosity, interest and enthusiasm.

Maureen LaWent, secretary

Lake Bancroft Committee