Vacation a nice change of scenery

On Friday I will be taking my real first vacation ever, and by that I mean I’m actually leaving the Midwest and flying for the first time. I’m going to visit my mother, step-dad and sister in Arizona and spending a few days in Las Vegas, which is where I’m flying into. When I was younger, a family vacation was going to my grandfather’s property in Mancelona, Mich., and camping for a week at most. We never left Michigan ever for a vacation, which I’m not complaining about because I’ve seen a lot of the state I hold dearest to me.

The first time I left Michigan was just before my freshman year of college when I went to Tennessee for my grandfather’s funeral. I was there for three days and had four asthma attacks because of the humidity. So it wasn’t a pleasant trip all around. The next time I left Michigan was to go to Green Bay my freshman year to get Horton Hears a Who pancakes at IHop.

The only other states I’ve visited have been Minnesota, for a journalism conference, and Illinois, when I went to Chicago for a day. So, for my first time leaving my safe haven of the Midwest for vacation, I have two fears. One is melting because according to my mother, it’s been around 100 degrees in Arizona lately.

As those of you know who are reading my column right now, it’s been a very, very long and cold winter to the point that when it’s 60 degrees out it’s almost too warm.

Many people assure me that Arizona is dry heat, which is completely different than the U.P., but until I experience it for myself, I feel as if I can’t trust anyone’s word that I won’t be lying in a pool of my own sweat begging for relief from the heat.

My second fear is flying. This is mostly a fear for me because I’ve never done it before and a little bit that I’m terrified of heights. I’ve been assured by many people that I’ll be fine and that I will actually enjoy flying, but again I have to experience this for myself before I’ll believe any of them.

Overall, I’m excited to actually be going somewhere and traveling farther than nine hours away. I can’t wait to spend time with part of my family in Las Vegas or see the Grand Canyon for the first time. It will definitely be quite an experience, and I just hope people are right about the dry heat.

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