Quayle thanked

To the Journal editor:

On Dec. 18, the Marquette County Board voted to urge legislators in Lansing and Washington to seek ways to curb gun violence including the possible restriction of military type assault weapons, of armor piercing bullets, which are only designed to kill law enforcement officers; the sale of large capacity magazines and to also rid us of the exception which allows the purchase of firearms at gun shows with no background checks.

Commissioners Steve Pence, Bruce Heikkila, Gerald Corkin, Nick Joseph, Paul Arsenault, Bill Nordeen, Chuck Bergdahl and Debra Pellow voted aye. Commissioner Mike Quayle voted nay.

Additionally, County Prosecutor Matt Wiese thanked the commission for supporting Commissioner Pence’s gun control legislation motion.

In my opinion, the aforementioned support for, and ayes of, Commissioner Pence’s gun control legislation motion, is in direct conflict with the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, especially the “shall not be infringed” part.

Thank you, Commissioner Quayle.