Waara chapter key

To the Journal editor:

We were pleased to see our Salmon in the Classroom program featured on the front page (of a recent) Mining Journal.

However, no mention was made of the Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimited, without whom this program would not exist in the Upper Peninsula.

We’re grateful to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for supplying the trout eggs each November. From then until may when the fish are released into local streams, FWCTU volunteers dedicate hundreds of hours to education, ongoing maintenance, and stream-side coordination of the release.

The chapter spends thousands of dollars each year to support this program in seven U.P. schools, and we’re very proud of its success.

Salmon in the Classroom is an important and popular program we are all very proud of, and for which we work very hard to make successful for the students and teachers.

Bob Jensen, education chairman

Fred Waara Chapter

Trout Unlimited