Volunteers finishing up work on skate park

MARQUETTE – Volunteers are scrambling this week to finish up work on the new skate park being built in Marquette.

Skate Plaza Committee member Nheena Weyer Ittner said the park is tentatively scheduled to be ready for use in mid-June.

In addition to workers from Bacco Construction, a number of young skateboarders also came out to help in any way they could, Ittner said.

“They’re just so anxious about this to happen,” she said.

Bacco is overseeing the cement pouring, while Associated Constructors is providing the cement.

Volunteer construction manager Herb Freeborn is overseeing the project.

“He has really developed a good relationship with a lot of these young boarders,” Ittner said. “When they go by they always yell ‘Hey Herb.’ He’s engaged them through a lot of the things we need, especially the hard labor kind of things, shoveling, things like that.”

Ittner said although the park will soon be finished, the committee is still hoping to raise about $16,000 in additional funds to help pay for its completion. Work on the project was halted last fall when cost overruns occurred, pushing the estimated cost of about $230,000 to roughly $280,000.

Anyone wanting to donate to the project can contact the Marquette County Community Foundation, which is acting as the fiscal agent for the project, at 226-7666.

Jackie Stark can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 242.