Fear the wolf?

To the Journal editor:

An elder once said to me, “The white man is clever but he is not wise.”

State Sen. Thomas Casperson, R-Escanaba, is clever. He first introduced a copycat bill to legislate Michigan wolf hunting, and now because of a petition in this state that has gathered more than 250,000 signatures opposing his bill, he puts forth another, S.B. 288 to circumvent the petition. Apparently, there are speaks of and about democracy as opposed to living its ideal.

Recent anti-wolf letters hint of Chicken Little and Red Riding Hood myths. There are those who claim science as the only answer to the wolf “problem” which can be asked of, “Who created this problem?” Science states “there is no reason for purpose.” Many have an opinion, but opinion does not necessarily represent fact.

Fact is truth in so far as we know it. To wit, the Indian looks at a hill and says, “Hill, how can I live with you?” The white man looks at the same hill and says, “Hill, how can I move you?”

The European brought his foreign ideology to this land; now, one can easily see his manifest does not sit well. Fact: as you read this in the moment, tons of poisons, pollution, and waste, continue to be added to the environment every day and this is affecting you, me, and all of us.

Fact: this land had billions of native passenger pigeons; now extinct. Fact: there are now increasingly invasive species all beginning with the first appearance of the rat in the western hemisphere in the year 1492, compliments of Columbus.

This same manifest is affecting our forest animals, even though they speak, few understand their language. That is why I speak out for them. Fact: the European has never understood this land and with this continuing trend, it seems likely he never will.

All he saw was so-called wilderness. For the indigenous it wasn’t wilderness, it was home and is yet to this day. The European was afraid of this so-called wilderness and all that was in it and he still is. Fact, not opinion: that is why he is afraid of the wolf.

One suggestion for those who live in the Upper Peninsula and who do not like the wolf, move elsewhere. If that is not far enough away, perhaps the old country will (beckon) you back.

Wiizon Wayaaseshkang

Chicaugon Lake, Mich.