Veiht sits for MARESA interview

MARQUETTE – As a lifelong resident of Marquette and a nearly 30-year veteran of its school system, Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent Deb Veiht said she believes she’ll be a good fit as the top administrator for the Marquette-Alger Regional Education Services Agency.

“I love K-12 education,” Veiht told the MARESA board during an interview Monday evening. “I want to be where there’s children and I can affect change.”

Veiht – along with MARESA Associate Superintendent of Finance, Information Systems and Quality Assurance Services Robert Nardi and Alcona Community Schools Superintendent Shawn Thornton – was one of three finalists chosen by MARESA’s board to fill the position that will be vacated June 30 by retiring MARESA Superintendent Steve Peffers.

The board asked a variety of questions about her educational background, how she would get MARESA’s operations in the public eye more than they currently are and the agency’s budget, a large percentage of which is comprised of grant money.

During her interview, Veiht stressed the importance of collaboration among all 13 local districts in MARESA’s jurisdiction, as well as collaboration among MARESA staff.

She said her vision for MARESA would be to start anticipating the needs of the local districts, rather than trying to provide services they need after the fact.

“As resources get scarcer and people are being cautious to how they’re spending their money or accessing resources, we need to be that group piece that they all come to,” Veiht said. “That’s how I see the vision.”

Veiht also stressed her history in grant writing, citing two $1 million grants she helped bring to MAPS.

The next two candidates will be interviewed today, Nardi at 7 p.m. and Thornton at 8:30 p.m. Both interviews will be in Conference Room C of the MARESA building at 321 E. Ohio St. in Marquette.

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