Fairness needed

To the Journal editor:

Over the weekend of May 5-6, I drove from Marquette to Houghton. During that drive, my wife wrote down the gas prices from Marquette (U.S. 41) to Houghton and those stations in-between.

Needless to say, I was not surprised at the disparity in gas prices. For example, the lowest gas price in Marquette on Saturday was at the Holiday Station Store ($3.80 9/10). Gas in Baraga was $3.75 9/10 at the B.P. and Marathon stations and The Pines was $3.65 9/10.

The Chassell station (Krist Oil) was $3.72 9/10 and in Houghton the prices varied from $3.71 9/10 at Krist Oil and Wal-Mart to $3.79 9/10 at B.P. The stations in Negaunee, Ishpeming and up to Chassell had prices from $3.81 9/10 to $3.94 9/10.

As I have previously written and questioned in earlier letters to the editor, why are the Marquette gas prices higher than the smaller town prices? And why are there differences in prices within the same stations? (B.P. and Krist Oil)

It seems again that the Marquette drivers are being charged more for gas in order to enable the smaller town stations to charge less. This is very disturbing and it again brings up the notion that Marquette drivers are getting gouged at the pump.

On May 6, the Marquette gas stations had the following prices: Cennex-$3.94 9/10, Krist Oil (3 stations)-$3.84 9/10, Holiday-$3.84 9/10, B.P.-$3.84 9/10, Oasis and Freedom- $3.78 9/10 and Admiral-$3.76 9/10. As you can see, there are a few stations that are more price friendly than others. Let your pocketbook drive your decision.

If local competition isn’t a suitable solution to lowering gas prices, then there should be an all out effort to encourage KBIC to build their station in the Marquette area.

I, for one, am tired of getting hosed at the pump.

Bruce Belmas Sr.