Show well supported

To the Journal editor:

The membership of the Hiawathaland Snowmobile Club wishes to remind you once again what a great place we live in.

We have been putting on the U.P. Recreation Show for over four decades and with the economy being as it is, and more “toy shows” taking place in recent years, we found a need for improving our show. Greater variety of items that appeal to a wider range of customers was our goal.

This year at Lakeview Arena, our vendor count increased and attendance was up and we owe thanks to several organizations that helped us greatly.

Of course there would be no show without our vendors, so a big thanks to all of our traditional and new vendors. Many compliments were heard about the show being better this year. Also, the staff at Lakeview Arena was Johnny on the Spot whenever help was needed.

Superior Design in Ishpeming brought us into this century by setting us up a website so we had visibility to more vendors. TV6 provided great advertising, with more spots at the best time slots. The Mining Journal newspaper ads were perfectly located and on the right days. And Eagle Radio group flooded the airwaves in helping us sell more vendor space as well as promoting the show to all those within listening range.

Not sure who to thank on this, but the extended winter weather also helped with attendance.

This all happened because of the assistance and expertise of Pat Black’s staff from the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau. Seems their goals are to make business in this area more successful, and their performance is excellent. Our show committee learned much from this year’s experience and we look forward to making future shows even better.

Major thanks to TV6, The Mining Journal, Eagle Radio Group, and Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as all of those that attended to make this years show a success. You all are great assets to our community.


Snowmobile Club

Marquette County