New at the library

Do you want to increase your computer skills so you can surf the web more efficiently and find information more quickly, send and receive emails, create spreadsheets, slides, edit pictures, and create letters, resumes, brochures or posters? Then you might want to check out a couple of these books or many other similar books we have on our shelves that were too numerous to mention here.

MS Windows 8 Simplified by Paul McFedries makes learning Windows 8 a breeze. Beautiful full-color illustrations, easy steps to follow, no long winded explanations or technical jargon to confuse you. Tour the windows desktop, work with applications, surf the Web, and use email and calendars and create and manage many different kinds of documents.

MS Office 2010 All-in-One for Dummies by Peter Weverka is advertised as 8 books in 1.You will learn in the “Dummies” fashion about Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher and many common office tools will be covered as well. This book teaches Office 2010, so you will need at least a basic understanding of any of Microsoft’s office’s older versions to get the most out of this book. I would not recommend this for those who only have a rudimentary knowledge of using a computer.

Step by Step 2007 Microsoft Office System by Microsoft Press allows you to learn at your own pace and develop the skills you need. This book contains a companion CD if you want to use it along with the book. Creating documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, email, calendars and organizing and formatting text are a few of the things you will learn with this book.

Top 100 Tips & Tricks Microsoft Office 2007 Simplified by Kate Shoup is a great book if you already know the basics and want to go beyond that and learn lots of shortcuts, trick and tips to improve and increase your current skill level. As with all the “Simplified” books, it has full-color illustrations and easy step-by-step instructions. So grab this book if you want to maximize your 2007 Office skills.

The following four books were written with our seniors in mind, but technically speaking, anyone of any age would benefit from the information presented in these books.

Office 2007 for Seniors for the over 50s in easy steps by Michael Price is as its title mentions: easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions for word processing, report writing, presentations, photo editing, slide shows, spreadsheets and more. The book is fully illustrated in color and would be a great way to expand your current computer abilities.

Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 for Seniors by Studio Visual Steps will teach you how to create letters, greeting cards and brochures in Word and how to create a budget spreadsheet in Excel and make a photo album with audio, video and transition effects in PowerPoint. You will need basic computer skills to use this book effectively and you will need either Office 2007 or 2010 installed on your computer in order to get the most benefit from this book.

Internet and E-mail for Seniors with Windows 8 by Studio Visual Steps will show you how to perform many typical functions in Internet Explorer. You will also learn how to surf the internet, and search more effectively to find whatever information you are interested in. It will also show you how to send and receive emails, download files, photos and install programs. This book is great for the beginning user with little to no technical background. It’s full of great illustrations and has large print.

Windows 7 for Seniors by Studio Visual Steps is truly a great resource for those with little or no computer skills. Very basic skills are taught like how to hold and use a mouse or touchpad, opening and closing programs, maximizing and minimizing windows or screens (not the ones in your house). You will also learn basic keyboard skills. If you already know the basics of mouse and keyboard, you can skip to the chapters dealing with how to write a letter, get on the Internet and many other functions. This book contains easy step-by-step instructions, but lacks the colorful illustrations of other books.

– Nicki Malave

Information Technology Department