Looking for work

To the Journal editor:

Michigan has experienced a great economic downturn over the last several years. The auto companies lost sales, many companies left for greener pastures where labor is cheap and taxes are low. Companies that were family in Michigan.

Jobs left. Good jobs are gone. When we will they come back? It is unrealistic to expect the same great jobs we used to have because of the influence of the global economy.

Instead of America leading the charge to better employment practices for all the world, we seem to be following others closely and plummeting to the bottom of the pit.

I ask Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature, where are the jobs right to work was expected to bring back to Michigan?

Companies no longer are burdened by onerous union rules and are free to fleece employees at will. Regulations are dwindling, we don’t need them.

Jobs? Any jobs? Part time jobs? I’m waiting.

Zelda Ziemer