Politics everywhere

To the Journal editor:

For those who think that Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission can be counted upon to make its wildlife management decisions based strictly on science, consider that the NRC is not accountable to voters nor immune to politics.

Michigan has two of the leading biologists in the country and they were ignored and not even asked to participate in the decision. John Vucetich took it upon himself to speak publicly about the hunt.

The NRC is dominated and influenced by pro-hunting organizations from inside and outside of Michigan. The commission is an extension of the governor, who appoints them.

Only one current member of the NRC has a science background.

The current legislation-law as soon Gov. Rick Snyder signs it-is about more than wolves. It is about allowing a minority of citizens and the legislature to disregard and eliminate the constitutional right of the majority to have a say in wildlife management in Michigan.

When a mourning dove hunt was instituted in Lower Michigan in 2004, before the successful (2 to 1) voter referendum that stopped it, the bag limit was 15 doves per day! How scientific does that sound?

What was the science behind the dove hunt? The only science being used in the referendum/wolf issue is political science.

Kristi Lloyd

Hickory Corners, Mich.