In the beginning

To the Journal editor:

I want to take you back to where we all started the ultimate life in the cosmos. We had no digestive system and sex did not destroy us.

Our job was to build a universe and planets that would harvest life, all different types of species that lived in all different types of environments and conditions.

After we finished we became restless and unmanageable so nature built a new dimension. To me it seemed like we were all going down a ladder one dimension after another. Finally we were all told the next dimension would be devastating. This is what I remembered.

We took on body form and were all given a God and the better we made our God the greater possibility to return to our heavenly bodies. It was clear to all of us we were now in a bad place. So often our God helped lead us in the right direction up the ladder to where our heavenly home could be seen.

Example: When Jesus was spending time on planet earth he told his disciples to pray so they wouldn’t fall into temptation. Today on planet earth we have drugs to help increase temptation.

The sorrow in my heart almost crushes me to see a smoky religion be destroyed by Satan and to think America’s military has thousands of people being molested each year. Now today our planet is preparing for World War!

Addendum: It amazes me to think how intelligent some people made their God.

Example: Sir Isaac Newton – what he contributed to humanity and Albert Einstein, then so many philosophers like physics teachers and on and on. Satan came along and helped them split the atom and that made our world a place in Hell.

P.S. We live on a planet that is so knowledgeable today no one will be able to understand how simple nature works.

Lyle White

Grand Haven