Money offered

To the Journal editor:

At some time in February or early March, someone decided to add some lettering to the side of my bright red semi-trailer parked at a customer’s location in west Ishpeming.

Now I could go on and on about the mindless doings of modern youth, or how there is less and less respect for others private property. I might even ramble about how personal responsibility seems to be getting irradiated from society. But, I won’t.

Instead I offer a challenge to the person(s)responsible.

Self expression is to be encouraged when presented in a meaningful, non-degrading way. Graphic artists and sign painters get paid large royalties for their designs. Noticing that you did not totally wipe-out the expensive paint job on my trailer shows self-control. The style of your work shows great potential.

My challenge to you is this: Design a logo for my company. Apply your logo/graphic to the sides of my trailer. I will compensate you for your efforts. This is a one-time offer and will not be repeated. Let me know. I’m easy to find.

Justin Yelle