Supports millage

To the Journal editor:

Ely Township residents today are being asked to vote on a .2 millage request from the Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority.

The Authority has secured a $281,000 grant to build 5 miles of trail from Ishpeming to County Road 478 in Ely Township. Ely Township must approve the .2 mill request in order to be a member of the authority for it to be able to use this grant money in Ely Township.

Improvements along the trail include surfacing with crushed granite, board walking through wetland areas and signage. A parallel ORV trail makes the trail multi-use. Picture being able to walk, push a stroller, ride a bike or use your ORV without threat of vehicle traffic.

The train system will run from Republic to Chocolay Township and will be within 1 mile of 75 percent of the population of Marquette County.

The cost per homeowner ranges from $5 to $20. This is a small investment giving great rewards to the residents of Ely Township and its surrounding municipalities.

The Ely Township Board supports the .2 mill for construction, management and maintenance of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

Ted Pepin, supervisor

Ely Township Board