Longtime Munising manager Bovin retires

MUNISING – After a decade of municipal service, Munising City Manager Doug Bovin recently announced he will retire. The city commission is beginning its work to find a replacement.

“We’re starting the search now,” Bovin said today. “We’re gearing toward my being gone by the end of September.”

Bovin, 68, has been city manager since June 2003. From 1998 to 2003, he served two terms as state representative for the 108th District, living in Gladstone.

Bovin said he’s decided to retire now for a variety of reasons, including family.

“There’s a big bucket list out there,” Bovin said. “As anybody knows, I only came for one year and I decided to stay. I’ve really enjoyed being here.”

Bovin said he’s eyeing a fall retirement date to allow some time to complete ongoing projects, budget negotiations and work with whomever becomes the city manager to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Bovin said the city commission had a recent presentation from the Michigan Municipal League on the service it offers to locate city manager candidates.

The commission has not decided yet how it will pursue the search, whether through the league or by other means.

Bovin said some of the highlights of his tenure on the job have included creating “an attitude of progress,” working with great people and committees and improving the city’s infrastructure. In addition to an upgraded sewer system and many recently improved streets, the city now has new police and fire facilities and a new location for city hall.

“We’ve said from the beginning this is a jewel that needs to be polished,” Bovin said. “And so we’ve been polishing the jewel that is Munising.”

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