Recycling in city to be encouraged through grant

MARQUETTE – The city of Marquette was recently awarded a $4,000 Waste Management Think Green grant to help encourage more recycling in city parks and along the bike path.

The grant, also sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, will fund the purchase of recycling bins, which will be placed alongside trash receptacles along the city’s bike path and in city parks.

According to a report and recommendation to the city commission from the city manager’s office, the city hosted more than 40 community events in its park system last year.

Those events have also increased the amount of litter in public areas.

“Recognizing that much of the litter is material that could be recycled this seemed (to) be a good time to implement a pilot program to deal with the issue…,” the recommendation reads. “This has also been a public request over the last few years.”

The city of Marquette was one of 32 winning proposals in the grant process.

City staff will begin placing the new recycling bins around the city in the next 90 days.

In its grant application, the city said it will capture data weekly on the amount of recycled material collected in the bins, with the results to be reported through the end of October. Future data could also be available upon request.

During the commission’s Monday meeting, in which the grant was approved, Commissioner Mike Coyne explained how a different community he recently visited had several receptacles in its public areas for trash and recycling, saying that was a “great message” to send to its community.

“It’s a terrible message to just have a trash can and you dump everything in there,” Coyne said. “It’s a way of educating people and getting them used to separating their trash and recycling it and it’s a great investment in that for our future.”

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