Skate park to wrap up this spring

MARQUETTE – A city skate park should be open for use this spring, though the group behind the project is still hoping to fundraise to pay for the structure.

Skate plaza committee member Nheena Weyer Ittner said she will be meeting with construction crews today to discuss pouring about 7,000 square feet of concrete at the park, located at the corner of Pine Street and Fair Avenue, near the YMCA parking lot.

“We are going to go over with Bacco, and Bacco is going to look at laying the final flatwork,” she said. “It will definitely be skateable when that flatwork is done.”

Ittner said Associated Constructors will provide the cement for the project, while Bacco Construction will oversee the pouring.

Though signs will eventually be erected and trees will be planted on the site, Ittner said she hopes to see skaters out there much sooner.

“It will be fine,” she said. “There won’t be fences around it or anything. It’s there for kids to use.”

Originally, the project was estimated to cost about $233,000, but unexpected costs quickly pushed the project over budget.

Ittner said the group still owes money to the California company that helped design the Marquette park, and will likely need to pay out-of-pocket for signs and plantings.

Anyone wishing to donate to the skate park can contact the Marquette County Community Foundation at 226-7666. The foundation is acting as the fiscal agent for the skate plaza committee.

“This project is amazing and it’s a testament to this community and how people come together to make dreams happen,” Ittner said.

Once the park is completed, she said, it will be a city park and maintained as such.

Kyle Whitney can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 250.