Those were the days

To the Journal editor:

Lots of talk about the weather lately. Winter seems to want to stay with us. Maybe global warming is not coming, but then again, as I look back years ago, we had winters like this.

I’m sure most of us are tired of this cold rain and snow and not much sun. Then again, down south it’s a lot of rain and tornadoes. Also the Midwest will have tornadoes to deal with in the coming months. It’s pretty hard to find the perfect weather. Florida and the south get really hot and muggy in summer. Other places can be really dry. At Barbers Point Naval Air Station while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. Beautiful weather. Not real hot or humid. But then it’s a small island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Can’t jump in your car and go to far or you will be in the ocean.

One year duty near Manila in the Philippines. Talk about hot. We could fry an egg on the aircraft wing. Nineties most of the time. Also very humid and a rainy season. It could rain for days. My wife and I were snow birds for six years.

Down to Benson, Ariz., for the winters. Not bad weather, but come April most people headed back north. Nineties to 100s in the summer. Arizona is very dry, also. Don’t see much water, mostly desert. So even though I’m tired of winter and this weather, it could be a lot worse.

Years ago, most people stayed where they lived. Just more or less put up with changes in the weather. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the years to come. History says there was an ice age and then again, it might get to be the earth will get hotter as we hear about global warming.

My last comment is to be thankful if you have protection from the various kinds of weather, such as heat in the winter. Air conditioning in summer. A good roof over your head. Many do not have the things we take for granted.

Think of the homeless, the very poor. Many in the world do not have shelter from the weather. So remember to thank the Lord for what you have and pray and try to hep those who suffer from the many extremes of weather that happen each day around the world.

William Maki